October 7th, 2016
Our course will start at the Cecil Riley Trail off Hwy 27 and then head east toward the Hector High School Gym, followed by the football stadium, turn back west toward Hwy 27 and then crossing the highway toward the haunted hayride trail.


August 19th

Register by September 15th to secure your AZC Shirt!

August 3, 2016

AZC Car Show 2016

Facebook Contest! Help us reach 2000 page likes on our Arkansas Zombie Challenge page by liking our poster, sharing it and commenting on the image tagging three of your friends. Once we reach 2000 likes we will randomly draw someone to win a free entry to AZC 2016!


June 16, 2016register-nowArkansas Zombie Challenge Registration

The Zombies are coming …or at least zombie registration is. With exactly 4 months remaining until our October 15, 2016 event, I am pleased to announce that the registration for the 2016 Arkansas Zombie Challenge in Hector, AR is open. Once again we will be doing registration through Racesonline and I have added a direct link below. This year we will be doing waves of 75 runners every 15 minutes. Right now we have 2 waves open with intentions to open more as those fill up.


zombie announcement

March 22, 2016

CASA of the 5th Judicial District is happy to announce AZC 2016 is set for October 15, 2016. Mark your calendar. Protect your brains!


The Arkansas Zombie Challenge™ is a 5K obstacle race for participants, ages 14 and up. Runners will each receive three (3) “life flags” that Velcro to a belt worn around the waist, similar to flag football. The object of the race is to complete the 5K course, maneuvering through a dozen challenging obstacles and several “infected zones” where Zombies attempt to snatch a “life flag” off the Runner’s belt. The Runner who completes the race in the shortest amount of time with at least one “life flag” still in place will finish in top standings and gain awards accordingly. If any or all “life flags” have been snatched off the Runner’s belt, he/she is still expected to finish the course, but is considered “infected,” which may affect their overall standing in the race. Runners cannot act aggressively toward Zombies or other Runners (e.g., pushing, punching, kicking, tripping, etc.), but should use other evasive techniques, such as swerving, speeding up, dodging, etc., to avoid Zombie contact. (See Race Waiver)

Zombies will be designated to specific “infected zones” that they cannot leave. A Zombie can only snatch one “life flag” per Runner, cannot attempt to take “life flags” while Runners are engaging obstacles, can only move in a forward direction (cannot turn around or back up), and cannot act aggressively toward Runners or other Zombies (e.g., pushing, punching, kicking, tripping, etc.). Once a Zombie reaches the limit of their “infected area,” only then can they turn around and move forward in the opposite direction, pursuing Runners as they approach them.

We need lots of volunteers to help us with many tasks related to this event.

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